Menstruation or period, is a biological phenomenon that occurs naturally in women and girls. Menstruation involves vaginal bleeding that occurs as part of a female’s cycle. The 28th day of the month May is always dedicated to recognizing this biological phenomenon as the menstrual cycle occurs approximately every 28 days. The commemoration of the day allows health organizations such as KDII as well as women and girls who experience menstruation to speak about the issues surrounding menstruation.

During this day, many organizations called upon the government to consider abolishing taxes on sanitary pads and products for maintaining personal hygiene during menstruation, as this perpetuates period poverty. Other organizations have called for the free provision of sanitary pads to girls in school so that it does not hinder them from staying in school or affecting their productivity and comfort.

KDII used the Menstrual hygiene day to bring to the attention of the NGO’s supporting menstrual health management, The Government and other relevant stakeholders, the advantages of re-usable sanitary towels as well as the need to do away with the stigma around menstruation while calling for support from other Organizations like the UN to help end period poverty.

KDII recognizes menstruation as a natural process for which women and girls should experience no stigma. KDII calls for all organizations supporting women and girls to partner with us through the providence of reusable sanitary pads to reduce and ultimately end period poverty.