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KDII Ltd is a social enterprise established with the aim of bringing sustainable impact in Menstrual Health Management. At KDII Ltd, we manufacture reusable sanitary towels that are safe, easy to use and affordable. We have reached up to 300,000 households through Menstrual Health Management products and education programs.

Our mission is to empower women and girls by providing the solutions to menstrual challenges thus according them dignity and equality in the community through affordable and safe menstrual products and MHM education and awareness. Our facilities at Turkana and Muranga, produces reusable pads using fabric combinations that achieves maximum protection, absorbency and comfort forthe girlsandwomen.

Our Initiatives in Under Served Communities

Some of our key initiatives in under-served communities & refuge camps include:

  • Women empowerment programs e.g. entrepreneurship support
  • Provision of reusable sanitary towels
  • Awareness creation and Education on Menstrual Health Management
  • Partnerships that link local community with key organizations that provide MHM capacity building and advocacy e.g. Foundations and Donors
Our Sanitary Product

KDII Reusable Sanitary

Tailored, washable, safe and highly absorbent.

Reusable up to two years, thus cost effective.

Accessible as the pads are produced locally.

Environment Friendly 
Addresses issue of disposal which is a key challenge for disposable pads.

Our Impact

Social Impact

Education and marketing awareness works to eliminate stigma around menstruation.


Local economic empowerment project due to employment from the host community

Economic Impact

Accessibility of safe menstrual products increase economic productivity of women and girls

Social Impact

Education and marketing awareness helps to eliminate stigma around menstruation

Volunteer Positions Available


Year KDII was established to bring impact in MHM


Households reached through our programs


Focused on women empowerment


KDII employees are women and youth

“Creating Sustainable Menstrual Health Management Solutions”


Our Partners

We work with partners across the country on programs and interventions to advance menstrual health opportunities and outcomes for women and girls in a wide range of settings and sectors, including education,WASH,and humanitarian relief, as well as through traditional retail channels

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+[254] 114 362698

Kakuma Town, opp KCB building, Turkana county



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