Our facilities at Turkana and Murang’a, produces reusable pads using fabric combinations that achieves maximum protection, absorbency and comfort for the girls and women.


  1. Tailored, washable safe and highly absorbent.
    Reusable up to two years thus cost effective
  2. Accessible as the pads are produced locally.
  3. Environmentally friendly: Addresses issue of disposal which is key challenge for disposable pads.
  4. MHM Education and training for girls and women on safe Menstruation management

Our facility in Kakuma is equipped with electric sewing machines to ensure quality and increase production capacity Reusable up to one year thus cost effective.

We have trained women refugees and host community to work and deliver consistent standard of reusable sanitary pads.


KDII reusable pads are made from carefully sourced fabric combinations that guarantee leakproof pads that are absorbent and comfortable.

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+[254] 114 362 698

Kakuma Town, Opposite KCB Building, Turkana County



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